Insanity or Deepest Desire?

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“Revolutionary Road” is one movie that touched me deeply. This poem is in dedication to this film for showing me how people label those who try to follow their deep desires in their career and life. Spoiler Alert! :)
(The character names have been changed for the sheer purpose of this poem’s rhyming scheme.)

‘Tis a story of two young
Lovebirds who shared their life;
Together they’d be happy
The supportive Patrice and Mike.

And aye, they had
Joined hands in the creation
Of two more little lives
Them, the husband and wife

They were the rare ones who’d
make plans together
And loved each other for what they came up with,
celebrated even in bad weather!

Aye, they had a perfect life
Mike did have a perfect job
Money did roll in for them
Their neighbours dropped by a lot.

And slowly with the same routine
Monotonous, Patrice grew tired
Where once she had the best laughter in town,
Her smile now wouldn’t reach the eye

That night when they were
Alone at long last
The kids had slept, the dishes washed
She looked into his eyes and past

“Baby, didn’t you want to
Have a life in Paris?
Never to work and do what you like
A life just for yourself, with no worries?”

He looked back into those
Beautiful eyes he loved so dear
Amazed at how she remembered that
Long forgotten dream he had

“Why yes, my love
I had such a dream
I thought we’re happy here, but
something’s bothering you, it seems!”

“Heed me,” she clung to his hand
“We have enough to make it true
I’ll take up work over there
And support our kids and you!!”

Surprised with her
Like he always was
A smile crept up till his eyes
That mirrored on his wife’s.

Come morning, the husband
Went to work to resign
“I’m going to Paris!” he beamed at all
“It’s my wife’s brilliant design!”

His colleagues and boss, however
Took that for a joke
They laughed at him and never believed
“Wake up, ‘tis morning, bloke!”

“’Tis true! I am finally going to
Live my Paris dream,”
He laughed at them when he saw
How the words left them green!

The neighbour Mrs. Lacewood, that day
Dropped by to see Patrice
When they were done with formal smiles,
convinced them to meet her son with pleas

“He’s ‘bout your age but I’m afraid
He’s a little psychotic
I’d love if you two normal people would
Meet him and talk to that poor thing.”

And so on a sunny weekend,
Patrice made egg sandwiches, so divine
And Mike politely offered to them
His best scotch, so fine.

 When they announced their Paris plan
Their neighbours thought them mad
“That’s absurd!” they said, but their son
The psychotic did appreciate and understand

They laughed that night
“He’s the only one to understand!”
They wondered if it were that they
were also crazy to stick by that plan.

The next day at work, Mike
Got a better position, great news
And with that all his Paris plans
Got trampled on by corporate shoes

And suddenly poor Patrice
Was left standing alone
For the plan she made for him
She begged him, but budge- he won’t.

“We’ll be more happy here,
Our kids will have better provisions
Tis’ my family I got to take care of now
Not some stupid dreams and visions”

That night, Patrice and Mike
Had a long and bitter fight
Who once supported each other ever
The sad husband and wife.

He shouted “Have you gone mad?”
“What’s got into your brain?”
She looked at him with teary eyes,
“Of-course, I’m insane!”

“You don’t care about the kids anymore,”
Mike found the guts to say
Crying, Patrice begged him to stop,
“We have another baby coming our way”

Surprised as ever by her
He hugged her and soothed the tears
That ran down to wet her clothes
“Everything will be alright my dear”

“This plan we made is stupid,” he said
“We’ll need more money now more than ever
I’m going to take that job tomorrow
And we will miss that dream never”

Heart broken by him, who she
Trusted with all her life
Couldn’t think of going on like this
Next day, killed her baby inside

When Mike got to know
He rushed to the hospital door
“’Tis not only the dead baby that killed her,
But sadness and her lonely chores”

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  1. Oh.. this is gonna haunt me for a long time... What a post! Excellent... Though I couldn't take in those last few lines, I adored it as an entire poem.. ATB for the BAT...

  2. Such a heart touching poem ! loved your idea of adapting the movie into a poem . . all the best for BAT


  3. i hate love still ur poem creates an illusion its beautiful :)

    1. I know you hate love Mayankesh :) and I think love can sometimes be an illusion so it's fine to even dream about it. Even that's romantic sometimes. Hence, I know you're a romantic person :D !!

      I'm glad my poem could do that for you. :)

  4. Alas, the loss of a life for the loss of a dream. tis so sad. if only she had run away instead of that. a life would not be lost. but then again, that's life. insane to the point of disbelief. touching rendition. all the best for BAT.

    1. Thanks a lot Leo!! :) And thanks for introducing me to BAT.

      Running away is not the solution. You cannot run away from a life you built for more than 6-7 years (remember they had kids and everything). That becomes your whole world. You cannot think of going anywhere else. Her "whole world" let her down. Of course, even if it means I'm insane, I would have done the same damn thing were I in her shoes.

      People need to love. And understand that thinking "love" is more important than "money" is not insanity. Hope I can get this point across to the whole word (which is pretty materialistic today).

    2. True, but killing the unborn child (who hadn't let her down) was not a solution to anything na, Chhavi? :( That was sad.

    3. Yes, I agree to that. But are you saying that it would have been wiser to give birth to that child and maybe then she should have killed herself, leaving her little newborn as well as her other children mother-less for the rest of their lives? Or are you saying she shouldn't have killed herself?

      Why don't you thing from a different angle. Perhaps, why don't people go after dreams (which is definitely the goal of life - fulfilling your dreams)rather than getting tangled up in making a career and money (leaving no time for family and loved ones)?

    4. I never said anything about her killing herself after giving birth to the child, or adhering to her husband's idea that money is everything. I'm in fact delighted that she talked him into going to Paris first, and think that he's a fool for giving up a dream for money. I'm only saying that I'm sad that an unborn life was lost to get the husband's attention. Nothing else.

    5. Since you put it like that, I totally agree Leo :)

  5. Donno, whether you are better blogger or better poet. Awesome at both :)

    1. Thanks so much. Better blogger or poet or not, my words are definitely rewarded by your words which makes your words so much more meaningful to me.

      Thanks for dropping by.

  6. I Could not even manage to completely read the entire poem. The thought and times, the flashback, made me nostalgic. <3 and God Bless for your thoughts..

  7. Awww...the last part crushed my heart, Chavvi. Our minds are an extension of who we are: what we do within the walls of our abodes shapes our mood, affects our productivity, and influences our outlook on life....Lovely!
    A touching feeling bad for the unborn!:((
    ATB for BAT

    1. I felt bad for the unborn too when I saw the film! :(

      Thanks so much for dropping by and for your precious comment! :) ATB to you too.

  8. Replies
    1. Hey, thanks so much for your comment and for visiting my blog! :)

  9. You've summarized the movie in such a lovely way! It is indeed a sad story that will touch people's hearts. Very well written!

  10. You have written a beautiful piece here, your writing style is superb. Though I would beg to differ on the concept. Killing her unborn child and eventually herself, leaving his children motherless is not a solution.

    Your Paris is right there, where your loved ones are with you.

    1. Thanks so much Meenakshi :)

      And you have a good point! Well I guess it all depends from person to person, how they conceive life.

  11. Hi Chhavi,
    My first visit to your blog and I'm welcomed with a superb poem.
    Loved the story and the pain and angst hidden in these lines. The end was quite tragic. Lovely lines.
    Keep up the good work. Following you now. :)



    1. Thanks for following Jay! I'm glad my blog was up to your expectations!! :)

      Hope it keeps you coming back!

  12. That is a very very sad ending you gave to a beautiful story, Chhavi.

    Nevertheless, good poetry :)

  13. Excellant excellant excellant!!!

    Superb poem bringing out the promises which couples make to eachother but somehow gets crushed at the later stage of life...

    ATB for BAT!
    PS:You have earned a follower!

  14. Kind of reminds me of Star Wars where Anakin Skywalker becomes Darth Vader :)

    Beautiful poem on a haunting theme. Great post! All the best for BAT!! Keep writing :)

    1. Please don't kill me if I say I haven't seen Star Wars. It's on my watching list though! -.-

      Thanks for your comment :)

  15. Brilliant flow. You are a professional poet! . Amazing poem though a sad ending. Nice work :-)

  16. Ah! Now I want to watch the movie :-) Very well expressed.

  17. i had watched this movie and really loved it....since i am very much interested in analyzing movies, i Should mention that the way you made your readers imagine all these things by the poem and they way it was shown in the movie are two different ends of the spectrum but still they are same.....loved your way of writing which kept the respect of the movie and gained the same respect for your words...Kudos girl...double thumbs up....

    1. Woah..thanks. I guess it's up to you how you interpret a movie. I've seen different versions of summaries coming up from people for the same movie. It's movie not a book where you can go into the depths of everyone's feelings..and everyone's actions and thoughts somehow go back to their own personal history - so maybe for someone the wife was wrong and for someone else the husband was wrong. None of these different thoughts are wrong as you pointed out that both thoughts will gain respect if shown correctly :) I just wrote it the way I perceived it and I'm so glad you liked it!! xoxoxo

  18. That's a beautiful poem. Loved it :) Congrats on the win.

    Someone is Special

  19. Congrats!
    beautiful poem :) I am definitly going to watch the movie.

  20. fabsome :) . loved every single line of it :)

  21. fantastic poem...the emotion and state of characters were nicely depicted...really liked the theme..the portrayal of changing mind from following the dream to making money truly delineate the theme..INSANITY :)

    1. Thanks Pradeep!! :) Hope to see your fiction work soon!!

  22. Superbbb Chhavi !!!

    Loved it ... (Y)


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