Come Undone

When the noise of the world
No longer rings in your ears
When you can breathe in deeply
And hear it loud and clear
When the hustle of the cars
Can't make lines on your forehead
And in the stillness of it all,
You feel your heart beat instead
When the blades of the rough world
Are done drawing deep cuts on your soft flesh
Watch yourself walk through them all
Feel the fires of your soul dance in revenge
When you've sailed through
The stormy weather and the treacherous seas
And you reach home, battered and humbled
My dear, come undone unto me

The Undisrupted World

You show up with your
Boss attitude and that killer,
You know it is, dimpled smile of yours
To get photographed with total strangers
Why, the world is made-
Families and friends-
Through shades
In the flags of these strangers' worlds
Then why do other people shy
When you understand clearly
The reason it's important to say 'Hi'
Add something even though it's random
And makes people awkward
Look towards their own mind?
If only we'd have
Half that passion you carry
Behind those unblinking eyes
If only we would stop to give hugs
Yes, let's do it right now
Now, in this Undisrupted World
Let's show'em love
Coz if ever there was one who needed it
It was you, and I, and this colorful world.

Imperfect species

Birds and butterflies they fly
"Why can't we too?", I said.
But if I were them
Would I envy my limbs instead?
Does the tortoise ever begs
For the incredible strength of a cheetah's legs?
And do the two species
Envy dogs for being an extant breed?
Or do dogs envy their longer lifespans instead?
Why do our thoughts falter? We're perfect in our own imperfect ways.

A Palindrome Universe

Us inside of the universe
Made of stardust
Nuclear reactions
Chains making bigger atoms
Better metals, compounds
Making life possible,
Possible life
Making compounds, metals better
Atoms bigger
Making chain reactions nuclear
Stardust made of
The universe inside of us.

Mirage of a Mirage

The snakes rattled
and the gravel crunched
under my feet as I walked on
When in the distance I saw
Nay, thought I saw
For the earth had been deceiving me
for the past nine days of my journey
The stars and the moon had become
My dear old friends, but the Sun
ran sweat down my eyes
and showed me mirages like this one
As I looked at the moving spectacle
That wasn't the sand, or the roaring wind
Or the occasional tuft of cactus
A sight for sore eyes!
The battered old man in his
Battered old hat and the wind
Whipped at his western clothes
And the sand obscured the sheen
That once was on his dress shoes
I didn't dare blink my eye for fear
That this entertainment of the fortnight
Might from my sight disappear
The man continued his stumbling walk
As he drew closer, I saw
The weathered tanned leather skin
With a morning, now evening shadow stubble
and bright blue eyes looking in a haze through
the constant battering of his eyelids against the sand
I still dared not blink  lest I lost this new friend!
I kept my eyes fixed and pressed
My palm on to the thorny part
of my makeshift walking aid
It instantly stung and I kept my eyes fixed
A hiss escaped my lips
Two blue eyes shot brightly towards me
And the wrinkles around them seemed to ease
I dropped my bundle and ran forwards
For all I knew, this sweet old man was hurt
Or dehydrated, pillaged for all his loot,
The cowboys might have harassed him,
Or the venom of a snake freezing his veins,
Did he lose all his friends?
Were his companions all dead? Was he the lone survivor?
What was the story behind this handsome face
What great words would break my heart tonight
And it mustered the final drops of energy in me
And I ran and lunged to catch the battered old man
He fell in my arms and I held him on with dear life
What a sight for sore eyes! and tears
welled in my eyes
His wrinkles smoothed over his skin
and he passed out until the next dawn
And all through the night, with my old friends
And a new one,
My mind raced on and on about the poor luck
This man had stumbled upon
Alas, when he woke up
And I gave him my water pouch
He drank until his crinkled lips
Were pink and shone his smile
"What happened?" my curiosity burst out!
"Had guests at home and I served
My finest spirit of mulberry.
Oh what a great time it was! Cheering with fine mulberry!"

Games and Raves

A story from his lips unfolds -
Greek mythology, you're my Kratos.
Slow rhythmically you pick up
Strands of my interest and love
Fairies don't exist in this story
It takes place in The Last City

Pack of wolves, we howl and howl
People stop, a quiver in the jowl
We're a wildcard, together we sing
Creating magic out of nothing

Rockstar cans, candy wrappers
The Wizard and The Demon Hunter
Competing for the highest loot
Till dawn steals our boots.
Meditating we are the forever diver
We float with the giant squid and the puffer.

You are the bass drop in my song
Our beats - they dance just so long
This moment, this twinkling elation
May it be more than the lonely syncopation.


More advance than technology -
Isn't our hearing ability?
Strained ears, calculating
Hearing above one's own beating
Catches the sound frequency,
Footsteps of an awaited enemy
Reads and decrypts the encoding
Finds a match in it's database, enfolding.

"That's him!", the soul screams,
and the eye gleams,
or a hint of a smile breaks,
or a clutch of the heart plagues.

Might I need remind you, heart?
How advanced is my every part;
and thus, I must take heed
Be prepared for the following feat.
For the most part of the life,
it's likely to be a strife
'Coz whatever you may be up to
His wrath may always haunt you.

Come Undone

When the noise of the world No longer rings in your ears When you can breathe in deeply And hear it loud and clear When the hustle of t...