We're All Just Broken Hearts

Suffocated by that overjoyed
Crowd , I break out
Through that godsent door
Onto the airy patio and wide sky

I let my legs stumble on it ,
My heart shatter on the ground ,
Look up and let myself look like a fool
Soon , I would have to go back in

There - I remembered was a bench
On it sat someone right now
Head tilted upwards , up to the moon
I took the few steps towards and sat

Silence louder than the music inside - engulfed me -
Filled with words that splashed on me , strum -
A guitar that strung in full force , thud -
An amplifier hit right in my eardrum

Like angry voices at the court
Like soothing tones of prayer
Like the laughter of a wicked old woman
Like the wail of a child unfair

The soul pitied itself
The heart silently wept
Loneliness is not overrated
As phantom hands hugged me right there

Statues jinxed by moonlight
His caricature moved , slowly but suddenly
He broke half of his cookie
And offered one half to me


She Said, He Said

Hey , said she
Hello , said he
Are you on whatsapp , said she
What's whatsapp , said he

Let's meet , said she
Sweet! , said he
You choose , said she
It's a muse , said he

It's a date , said she
That's great , said he
It's cold , said she
Not any more , said he

You're a bliss , said she
Let's kiss , said he
Don't stop , said she
I will not , said he

The Schadenfreude

Look at us , trying to be wittier
Gossiping about them being bizarre
We call them "losers" , dear
When in real we are just feeding our fear -
Our woolly mammoth with schadenfreude
Oh, just read Tim Urban , a new star.
Books on "Go-Getter Attitude" , "How to Snear" ,

All these odds and ends are the pale yellow
Horrific medicine you took as a kid
But this one's like Godric's Hollow
And I am one helluva fan and follow
That real stuff , its no night-shade
The warmth you imagine in a dragon's blaze
That's the adventure of the Whomping Willow

Realizing you're one big tusk yourself
So if I squeeze you stressball- like
Tune down your voice in my head
Make my voice stronger myself
You would start diminishing in size
It would keep diminishing in size
Low tide on my mind's continental shelf


Loved the zoomorphism and the truth behind it , and how the read actually takes you through the changes you should've done on your own years ago , here's Tim Urban's amazing "Taming the Mammoth: Why You Should Stop Caring What Other People Think".

Allow Yourself to Break

No , when you're defeated
When you have been cheated
Deceived , fooled , may it misleading be
There's no one else who can change , yourself it should be

Emotions stuck mid-way between yes and no ,
Between exhilaration and being morose ,
Unworthy and still dear things are to your heart
Don't let those be mislead

Channel them , you're filled with power!
Make it your weapon , show them its tremendous vigor
Use it , embrace it , enlighten your soul
With the sword , the beacon of its force

Struck with the might of that spirit
They will know , don't ever be quiet
It's better out than in
Out in the open - thriving , than withering closed within

Let them see your love , your broken peace
Envision the disappointment inside your mind
How you think , and what emotions you went through
Lead them that experience and the power of the flow