I wouldn’t say it at first
You know how pessimistic we are
By Rosenthal, we’re 50% more cursed
He’s from an era different and diverse
Unknown to our dumb childhood, so bizarre
Us, we did not turn out dumb though; we’ve radar
From an era, different and diverse

It wouldn’t have made sense to me or
To you, my darling, to have said it
What if we never see the end to our fall?
Yeah. You know things happen to us all
They leave us damp and broken in a pit
Unsure and puzzled and alone we sit
Yeah. Things happen to us all.

I wish though, there was a way to say it
Without saying it in person
And I think we had found it
With your genius gene, and my creative bit
 (I love saying this, for some reason
You understand that, nerdy companion)
-Our forces had combined (wink)

But it grows dark and lonely too
Where our hearts dwell now
In the place we’ve tucked them in lieu
So the world cannot hurt us anew
And we grow stronger somehow,
Resilient, focused and on the cloud
But it grows dark and lonely too

I learn from the little things you do
Reminds me of my dad’s attempt
At making his little daughter understand how to
Deal with the workings of this world askew
And you stop and listen with respect
My heart is mending and there are less infects
It's just those little things you do

And even though I’m afraid of another scoff
I am more afraid of not having you in my life
And I think somewhere in between the mending of
The millionth and one scratch there was
It revived, kicked off and able to strive
I gave my heart to you in time
With band-aided scratches thereof

We're All the Same

For all the different cultured friends I made, I found them all similar to me.

You and I
We're the same
There's no stereotype
We all want someone to warm our blankets
Rub our cold shoulders
We all belong to that costume casket

Don't you think
We even think the same
Love our countries, our people, our colors
And the way that we are?
Well we all differ in thoughts, in manners

You find this idea right.
I hate your bright shirt.
You don't have to change your fashion
Nobody can tell you that
But bud, doesn't make sense to hate me for my opinion

No looking down upon you
Buddy, you're not dirty
Promise I will respect your background too
I'm no superior
Almighty is also colored, wears shabby clothes, no shoes

I'm so grateful
To have found you
You make hard times just pass me by
We survived, don't you think
We're the same, you and I?

Black Magic

Grey quilt crumpled, pillows propped
My legs entangle the bedspread into white waves
Blinds split up light entering my room
My elbows support a hefty book to my face
summertime sadness

Placing my lips to the rhythm of the tale
Is how my mind explores the bruised and dead
Characters fill my mind, come to life
And fill a dreaded empty space

Bracing my mistakes, vague as hell
Must have been black magic, 'm so sure
How else could a rabbit roar
And have the forest eye him like a monster

Conspiracy, vining tales of rumors, spread like fire
Turning the people you trust against you
I think I had a schedule today, things to do
It's the black magic, that's holding me down and blue

How else could a rabbit roar
And the forest eye him like a monster ready to strike
My eyes feel heavy, but I want to consume the characters
They never betray me, always remain in my life

Devaluated Crumpled Rounds

indonasian rupiah

Thousands used to be
A population count
Now it's currency
Equivalent to a pound

Few have the blessings of
Millions of pounds
While most of us now have
A few devaluated crumpled rounds